Which disposable products should you use? (And which should you avoid?)

Disposable products are an important part of any restaurant business. They don’t seem that important because you just throw them away, but you can save money and time with the right disposables.


disposable coffee cup

If you sell coffee to go, Styrofoam cups are a must have. You can use Styrofoam cups to provide other drinks too. There are multiple types of lids available for these cups (tear out tab, vented, straw slot). The tear out tab and vented lids would work for both hot and cold drinks. We also have cold drink cups, if you don’t need Styrofoam cups for hot drinks or if you prefer to have two different types of cups.

Hard plastic cups are great for wedding receptions or parties. We also have poly cups which are good for drinks at less formal events. And we have smoothie cups which are great for smoothies.

paper souffle cups

Containers / Carryout

We have various containers from 4 to 32 ounces that are great for to go items. You can get vented lids for these containers. We also have plastic and paper soufflé cups that come in 1 to 4 ounce sizes. You can also get lids for the soufflé cups. These disposable products are great for anything from ketchup to soup.

Styrofoam trays are great for carryout foods and for take home food. We have many different sizes and styles so you can choose the right size or style that is appropriate for your type of food. Obviously if you’re a restaurant that does a main course and 2 sides a tray that has 3 sections. We also have hot dog trays, (self explanatory) which are probably not appropriate unless your main business is selling hot dogs or sausage.


Aluminum foil comes in 2 types: regular and heavy duty. Heavy duty foil is a better purchase because it holds up better than the regular foil which rips very easily. Obviously if the foil rips when you try to use it, you’ll have to use more… white drinking straws There are different sizes of straws. The right size straw can save you money and make you more! If you use a jumbo straw, people drink their drinks faster (think cocktails) and if you use a slim straw they will take longer to finish their drinks (good for all other drinks).

frill toothpicks

You can use club frill toothpicks to hold your sandwiches together and also to mark special orders. This can help prevent wrong orders from being taken to customers resulting in less wasted food and more profit for you.

Paper plates are great for night clubs where patrons could potentially end up breaking a lot of plates or making a mess rather than just throwing their plates away. They are also great for cafeterias, catering informal events and church events. Disposable plates also come in plastic and Styrofoam. roll table cover

Roll table covers are great for church functions. They make cleaning up after your church events a breeze and they come in both paper and plastic. If you choose the paper roll table covers, you could keep your younger guests entertained by providing some crayons for them to use to color on the table cover.

And of course, everyone needs can liners (garbage bags). You will probably save more of your time if you purchase at least the mid-range quality can liners. If you go with the lightest weight liners, they break very easily and you could spend a lot of time cleaning up after busted liners.

That is just a basic overview of disposable products. There are many more available than I have mentioned. If you don’t see something you want or have any questions, please contact us.

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